Mika Lemoine

Lemoine was born and raised in Oakland, CA, graduated from UCLA’s department of World Arts and Cultures in 2006 with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Latin American studies. She has toured and performed internationally with Contra Tiempo Urban Latin Dance Theater and in Los Angeles with Versastyle Dance Company. Currently she dances with two Bay Area dance companies: Mix’d Ingrdnts and Embodiment Project. She teaches hip-hop dance to youth after school at Destiny Arts Center and in the Oakland Public Schools in addition to her day job as an English/Spanish interpreter for the California State Labor Commission. Mika finds her voice and her inspiration through movement. She believes that art and expression are necessary for human survival and that they can change minds and make the world a better place.

Rama Mahesh Hall

Hall has been training in house dance, locking, whacking, and hip-hop with various local and international teachers for the three past years, and has been performing with Embodiment Project for the last two. He also trains in capoeira, West African and Afro-Haitian and has performed in works by Eric Fenn of Loose Change. Currently, he teaches meditation to youth in a San Francisco middle school and dances professionally with Embodiment Project.

Tristan Cunningham

Cunningham started her performing days when she was only ten years old touring with Vermont’s own home grown country circus, Circus Smirkus. After running away with the circus for eight summers, she decided to change her focus to acting and graduated from S.U.N.Y Purchase Theater Arts and Film conservatory with a B.F.A. She now works between the Bay Area and Los Angeles as an actor, teaching artist, and circus performer, taking part in productions by the California Shakespeare Theater, Aurora Theater Company, African American Shakespeare Company, Shotgun Players, Circus Bella, Medical Clown Project and many more. She is thrilled to be joining Embodiment Project.


Nick Brentley

Brentley is a freelance performing artist originally from Silver Spring, MD. Dance and choreography are at the forefront of his crafts, but he also sings, acts and plays a few instruments. Though musical theater was his primary artistic outlet throughout high school, it was afterward at Amherst College where dance became a formal pursuit and ultimately his major. Since then he has performed with dance companies on both US Coasts spanning different genres such as South African, Afro-Caribbean and experimental modern. In addition to being a movement-teaching artist throughout the Bay Area he is member of AXIS Dance Company and is Embodiment Project’s rehearsal and management director. Collectively, his performing career ranges from dinner theater, award ceremonies, parades, internet music videos, short films and beyond. Off-stage, Nick is a massage therapist.


Sheila T. Russell

Russell began her dance training in San Diego, CA at the age of eight. While in San Diego Sheila had the privilege to dance in the celebrated Isaacs, McCaleb, and Dancers junior company. After graduating from the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, she attended the University California Irvine where she studied multiple forms of dance and was blessed to dance with the legendary Donald McKayle’s Etude Ensemble. After graduating from UCI with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Sheila moved to Denver, CO and became a member of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. Sheila has been in the Bay Area for 13 years and has been honored to work with many talented choreographers, including Kelly Kemp. Sheila has recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a Masters of Science in Nursing. Sheila has been a member of Embodiment Project family since 2008 and has loved every moment of it. Heal on my people heal on.

Dante “Animal” Rose

Danté “Animal” Rose has over 15 years of dance experience. Trained in many street dance styles he specializes in legwork, floorwork and dynamics. His style is characterized by expression, polyrhythmic movement, and originality. He has been across the globe competing, performing and teaching. He is currently touring with Embodiment Project and is a member of the Legendary Circle of Fire crew.

Amber Julian

Julian is a native of the beautiful Bay Area, CA. She was blessed to have discovered her passions at a very young age because her family comes from a generation of artists. She landed lead roles in several major musical theatre productions at the age of 15 including Gypsy, Cabaret and Pippin and that is when she discovered that being a multi-disciplinary artist was her destiny. Over time, she joined professional dance and acrobatic companies and performed at several big events, festivals, and company  sold-out shows. Engulfed and skilled in all kinds of aspects of the arts, she is also very passionate about fitness and holistic health. She believes that art is all about exchanging deep rooted energy in order to make change and exude dynamic forms of  expression. Ashé.


Jon Lee

Lee is a culturally-sensitive psychotherapist, visual artist, and dancer, grows increasingly eager each day to continue exploring the healing power of dance as a vehicle for self-exploration, expression, and growth. He graduated in June 2014 with a MA degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Creative Expression from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Jon first began dancing with competition hip hop choreography teams in Southern California in 2006. He then discovered San Diego’s freestyle house dance community, where Jon discovered his love for the street dance form known as Whacking (originally Punking). Since then, Jon has also fallen in love with West African dance and the different styles of Vogue. He has been performing West African dance with Duniya Dance and Drum Company since November 2014. Jon also visited Guinea in Winter of 2013-2014 to deepen his understanding of Guinean rhythms, dances, and culture.


George “WuKong”

George “WuKong” began his dance career in Taipei, Taiwan. In addition to his work at UC Berkeley where he received a Bachelor’s of Art focused on Art and Social Change, he has traveled to countries including Cambodia, Burma, and Brazil to work with non-profit performance art organizations and dancers from around the world. He has judged, taught, performed, and battled internationally. Wukong’s dance background includes B-boying, Capoeira, House, Modern Dance, and Afro-brazilian. He believes that the Arts and Culture are essential in bringing about positive social change.



SAMMAY is a choreographer/producer and interdisciplinary performing artist of Kapampangan, Ilokano, and Bikol descent who envisions a future in which our indigenous traditions co-exist with(in) our urban landscapes. Founding Artistic Director of URBAN x INDIGENOUS – she has been featured through Dance Mission Theater’s D.I.R.T. – Dance In Revolt(ing) Times Festival, Blessed Unrest: Arts and Social Justice Festival, Red Poppy Art House, and A/P/A Institute at NYU among others. She recently returned from an inter-island tour through Hawai’i with intercultural contemporary artist collective, I Moving Lab, and a solo immersion tour through her ancestral land, the Philippines. SAMMAY is a three-time recipient of the “Presented by APICC” Artist award, APAture 2016: Performing Arts – Featured Artist, and Performing Diaspora 2016 Artist-in-Residence at CounterPulse. To follow her journey, visit

Johnny Huy Nguyen aka ‘Johnny Rawkit’

Johnny Huy Nguyen aka ‘Johnny Rawkit’ is a dancer, performance artist, and child educator originally from Canada and now based in San Francisco. At age 23, he was on course to complete a graduate degree in engineering, but dance completely changed the direction of his life. Starting with breakin, he has since expanded his dance practice to encompass a variety of styles including house, vogue, and contemporary.

In addition to Embodiment Project, Johnny is a member of Bay Area vogue crew, House of Prolific, and Lenora Lee Dance Company. As well, he is involved with the Global Street Dance Masquerade, a futuristic dance and performance art procession. Recognizing the power of hip hop in raising consciousness, he teaches dance and hip hop culture at elementary schools, incorporating age-appropriate discussions around current events and contemporary issues.

Always looking to continually expand his expression, Johnny’s vision is to use his creativity and craft to activate awareness, discussion, understanding, healing, and action in ways that are raw, vulnerable, and honest.


Dre “Poko Soul” Devis is a born and raised SF Pinay, emerging from matriarchal roots with an ever-inspired love for World traveling. Her expression comes through the creation of movement, vocal and visual art. Poko moves with the foundation of competitive gymnastics, martial arts, aerial dance and hard-hitting animalistic synergy. She bonded with movement at five years old and has been letting it flow ever since.