Touring Program

Embodiment Project offers performance, education, and community engagement/workshop facilitation as part of its touring program. Programmatic opportunities include:

Lectures are an opportunity for company members to engage in with audience members about EP’s unique choreographic method and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Company members demonstrate the various the street dance forms represented in the choreographic works and share about EP’s explorative creative process.

Reaching the next generation through hip hop movement and culture is vital to EP—members hold B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in dance and teach at both public schools and Universities. Klaymoon and Embodiment Project have performed in school assemblies, children’s hospitals, and have worked as a resident artist in over 30 schools in the Bay Area.

The Vocal Body guides participants in an interdisciplinary performance journey into the ways in which movement can ‘speak’ and song can ’move’. Critical Acclaimed singer songwriter, Valerie Troutt and Nicole Klaymoon combine forces to create a community-based experience that facilitates the discovery of the invisible stories that our vocal bodies carry. This class interweaves sonic layering of polyrhythms and harmony, improvisational movement, live song, with the open cipher (free-style circle) to initiate the raw energy of urban dance culture.

For more information please review our PRESS KIT:
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Chalk Outlines, interweaves dance, poetry, live song, and documentary theater in response to the countless people of color who have unjustly lost their lives due to state violence.  This production includes all original music by Valerie Troutt and is performed live by her vocal ensemble MoonCandy.

Premiered at at the Headland Center for the Arts in Marin County (8 dancers and 4 vocalists and can downsize cast for touring purposes).

(Selected as one of SF Bay Guardian’s top 10 shows of 2012)

House of Matter uproots traditional notions of gender, power, and manhood through high-energy street dance, live music, spoken word, theater, and interactive video. Featuring critically acclaimed choreo-poet d. Sabela Grimes, legendary vocalist gina Breedlove, the acclaimed band MoonCandy, and original compositions by singer/songwriter Valerie Troutt, House of Matter electrifies, provokes, and mobilizes. MoonCandy’s musicians create original house music; the style’s signature ‘looping’ becomes a potent incantation spellbinding the audience. Dance magazine contributing editor Rita Felciano, said that it was “one of the most rocking dance theater pieces that have hit the town in a long time.”

Premiered at the ODC Theater’s Walking the Distance Festival in San Francisco, June 2013 (11 dancers and 6 musicians and can downsize cast for touring purposes).



A highly physical hip hop production that showcase various party dances and underground dance traditions including popping, house, classic hip hop, bboying/bgirling, and waacking. PRAISE also includes captivating and inspiring freestyle performances. This work communicates a celebratory and uplifting message of unity, action, and strength.  SF Bay Guardian wrote, “this was hot theater, over so fast you hardly knew what hit you.”

Premiered at the Oregon Shalespeare Festival’s Deadalus Project on the Elizabethan Stage in Ashland, August 2012 (5-8 dancers).

Dare to Love is a series of compelling and hauntingly revealing ‘chore-poems’ and duets that explore themes of intimacy and manhood. This unique intersection of popping, partnering, and live song questions the prevalent system of ideals that calls vulnerability a weakness. Instead of relying on those dated ideals, Dare to Love creates a space where these emotional intricacies can be mapped through the body’s movement. Dare to Love features the critically acclaimed popper, d. Sabela Grimes, and the soulful and operatic live vocals of Valerie Troutt and Solas B. Lagee.

“Embodiment Project found another way to break out of music video conventions: Nicole Klaymoon’s choreography had the excellent singers of Valerie Troutt’s MoonCandy Live House Ensemble mix with the popping dancers’ duets.”  — SF Gate

Premiered at Micaya’s International Hip Hop Dance Festival, Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, November 2013 (4-5 performers).



Of Her Rib is a multimedia dance theatre production that uses storytelling, physical theater, live song, and urban dance to convey true stories about sexual abuse toward women and girls.  Of Her Rib brings together the voices of young women into the center of a timely conversation about gender, rape culture, and hip hop feminism.  

Premiered at the de Young Museum’s Koret Theater in San Francisco, August 2010 (8 performers).

Mothers of the First Nation is a urban dance theatre piece that embodies ‘eco-feminist’ values through underground street dance traditions. ‘Eco-feminism’ is the ideology which addresses the ways in which the destruction of the environment and the oppression of women are inextricably linked. This piece celebrates hip hop as recycled ancient mythology and tradition.

Premiered at the D.I.R.T. Festival at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco, January 2015 (8 – 10 performers).


Sixth Vowel is Klaymoon’s solo show directed by Kamilah Forbes of the Hip Hop Theatre Festival (New York) and choreographed by Rennie Harris. Through personal narrative the piece responds to the ways the U.S. public school system crushes children’s creativity and imagination. Chuck Strouss, art critic of the Miami New Times, wrote “she played the part of a school kid, commented on the way schools don’t work, made you laugh your ass off, and think even harder.” Sixth Vowel premiered at 4th Street Theater, NY Theater (NY) in 2008. (1 performer)

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