MoonCandy Live House Ensemble

MoonCandy Started in 2010 and is the brainchild of singer songwriter Valerie Troutt. The Debut on Oakland Pride’s Main Stage with a follow up standing room only concert at Oakland’s Disco Volante. Since then Mooncandy has toured with Embodiment Project since 2009 and is currently working on their first album. “MoonCandy is a live soulful house ensemble that features the inspirational voices & composition of some of the EastBays most understated jazz,soul,blues and gospel Singers. MoonCandy is a church without walls… soulful, uplifting and fabulous!”

Tiff pic

Tiffany Austin

Austin is a Los Angeles native whose soulful delivery and versatility has brought her work to England and Japan. She has performed as a vocalist onstage and onscreen. Since relocating to the San Francisco Bay area for law school, she continues to compose, perform live, and pursue her music degree.

Solas pic

Solas Burke-Lalgee

Burke-Lalgee is a proud Richmond native and Arts Advocate. He attended the School of the Arts-San Francisco and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He is a current member of and vocal coach for several artists, bands and performance ensembles including Zendaya Coleman, MoonCandy, Zakiya Harris, Dynamic, Jennifer Johns, and The Embodiment Project. As a Vocal Instructor, Solas has worked with all ages to help singers find their true voice. He is currently in his third year at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts.


Shamont Hussey

Hussey is an Oakland native, passionate about his community, youth and families. He has performed as a vocalist with various creative projects using music and the arts as an avenue for both personal and professional motivation and inspiration. Shamont has served as an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ and minority youth within the Juvenile Court and Child Welfare system. He believes in the need for education, equity, understanding not tolerance, and the power of radical inclusion to support the spiritual and social lives of the marginalized and oppressed.


Jovan Watkins

Watkins is a Bay Area Christian gospel artist with a new and refreshing sound, meshing a power packed sound of edgy worship and praise with an urban flare. Jovan is currently in the process of completing his debut album.