Embodiment Project offers educational community engagement as part of our touring program. Programmatic opportunities include:

LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS Lectures are an opportunity for company members to engage in with audience members about EP’s unique choreographic method and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Company members demonstrate the various forms represented in the choreographic works and share about EP’s explorative creative process.

CLASSES FOR YOUTH The company performs in school assemblies, Universities, children’s hospitals, and does teaching residencies in schools.



The Vocal Body guides participants in an interdisciplinary performance journey into the ways in which movement can ‘speak’ and song can ’move’. Critical Acclaimed singer songwriter, Valerie Troutt and Nicole Klaymoon combine forces to create a community-based experience that facilitates the discovery of the invisible stories that our vocal bodies carry. This class interweaves sonic layering of polyrhythms and harmony, improvisational movement, live song, with movement.

COMPANY CLASS WITH NICOLE KLAYMOON This class is rooted in a reverence for each individual’s untamed and distinctive artistic expression and will emphasize the cipher (free-style circle) to initiate the raw energy of house dance culture. Each class will begin with a high-energy house method technique class that includes foundational house footwork, improvisation, and innovative choreography (that incorporates house, classic hip hop, modern, waacking, and other social street dance traditions).