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Embodiment Project is a street dance theater company founded in 2008 by choreographer Nicole Klaymoon.  Our mission is to illuminate narratives silenced by inequities to inspire critical conversation and healing. KQED wrote, “ Arts and life collide in Nicole Klaymoon’s works of dance and documentary theater...with a with a wit that is sometime poignant, sometimes lacerating, Klaymoon avoids polemic in pursuit of ambiguous, messy truths.” 

We are seeking support for the creation of our newest work X RATED PLANET. X will interweave street dance forms including house, popping, waacking, vogueing, breaking, freestyle hip-hop, documentary theater, choreopoetry, original live song, and interactive video to explore gender-based sexual violence. This work seeks healing from sexual trauma, including the reclamation of authority over one’s body, and how different forms of storytelling can challenge pervasive rape culture. Through documentary theater, this work upholds the voice and spirit of Me Too Movement founder Tarana Burke as well us other formidable movement leaders/organizers in the fight to end sexual violence. X will also include interviews with cross-generational, racially and gender diverse survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse telling stories of trauma, resilience, and triumph. 


Our goal is to raise $8,000 to fund this important work. and are now reaching out to our community to help close the gap so we can materials this magical healing prayer of high level hip hop documentary theater and medicine for our community.

Campaign funds will go directly towards paying Embodiment Project’s dedicated core company members: Terrence Paschal, George “WuKong” Cheng, Amber Julian, Johnny “JRawKit” Nguyen, Sammay Dizon, Dre “Poco” Devis, Keisha Turner, Rama Mahesh “ButtaGod” Hall.  As well as singer/songwriter/cultural ambassador Amikaeyla Gaston, sound healer/vocalist/medicine woman gina Breedlove, DJ/sound design XOA, dramaturg/dance scholar d. Sabela Grimes, video artist Meena Murugasan, and restorative justice leader Sonya Shah and The Ahimsa Collective (a network of restorative justice pioneers) and EP’s Founder/Artistic Director Nicole Klaymoon.


Your donation allows us to continue creating and offering dynamic dance theater performance, education, and community engagement programming in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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