Embodiment Project is a street dance theater company that illuminates narratives silenced by inequities to inspire critical conversation and healing.  


  • We believe that dance can speak and language can move.

  • We celebrate Black liberation and all the ways it has spurred the proliferation of hip-hop as a social movement.

  • We believe everybody has their own unique story to tell and building community involves validating the unique contributions of each individual.

  • We create dance that maps emotional intricacies, memories, and trauma in our own bodies in an effort to help ourselves and our audiences make sense of the world and ourselves.

  • We celebrate concert dance as another platform for the voices and perspectives of formidable leaders of social movements.

  • We illuminate the stories, perspectives, and histories of under-represented communities, and believe that everybody deserves access to concert dance.

  • We subvert traditionally masculine performance cultures and uphold womanist ideology and gender role dissolution.